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About TNT
At Top Notch Training, we empower individuals and business owners to grow and develop professionally by providing engaging and effective training programs.
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When you're training for a new job, or you are a supervisor training someone else at your company, or you're the owner trying to provide comprehensive training for your team, if the circumstances aren't right, it can be challenging, overwhelming, frustrating, costly, and, well, just plain ol' boring.

As a new hire, we have all experienced poor on-the-job training: a manual thrown at us, a disinterested trainer, or even worse, no training at all and we had to sink or swim. 

As a trainer, maybe you have dealt with the burnout of repeating the same things over and over. And what trainer hasn't gotten frustrated with teaching basic skills that a candidate should know already? And then there's the added pressure of meeting unrealistic training deadlines while handling your own responsibilities.

As a business owner, you have likely faced the challenges of creating a training system, keeping it up-to-date, and ensuring that your training staff gives new hires adequate support.

Having also experienced these situations, Angie Landry founded Angie Landry LLC in 2017. She rebranded the company to Top Notch Training LLC (TNT) in 2020 as the company expanded. The original purpose of TNT was to train new hires at Globe Life AIL Division Organizations (AIL). Angie conducted live training sessions from the local AIL office in New Orleans and broadcasted them via videoconference to other AIL agency classrooms around the country. Angie took pride in not only developing the courseware but also in the way she delivered the information to her trainees. These intentional strategies made TNT stand out among the competition. Her distinct training methods allowed learners to stay engaged and clearly understand how to apply their knowledge, credentials, and certifications to their day-to-day activities and step into their new careers with confidence.

In 2020, TNT launched its independent-study, online training courses for AIL Agents. This automated platform brings a unique approach to information delivery by providing online training with interactive video modules. This way, trainees are not just reading dense information for hours or watching boring videos to get the information. Instead, they participate in the learning by engaging with questions and simulations made to mimic the software and situations they will encounter on the job. TNT takes pride in delivering information in simple terms regardless of the complexity. Coach Landry gets it because she has been in your shoes. Her approachable style makes new hires feel like she is in the room with them so that they not only comprehend the information but also retain what they have learned.

TNT has now worked with over 60 businesses to create unique training platforms that provide on-the-job training for new insurance agents. We’ve trained over 10,000 insurance agents, with 98% of our online training participants reporting that they would recommend our training course!

Meet the Founder

Angela (Angie) Landry

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Click the button below to view an exclusive interview with TNT's founder and learn more about the mindset and values that built our company and fuel our operations!

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