Angie Landry began training new agents at American Income Life in 2017. Our original training program, the live virtual training class, engages new agents in learning about their new career with real time feedback. The automated online training course, released in 2020, provides new agents with the foundational knowledge they need to be successful in an interactive platform.

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Live Virtual Training

The live virtual training program is structured as eight, three-hour days. Each year, there are over 20 available sessions. The training course is paired with our training workbook which new agents can use as a notetaking tool and as a post-training reference guide. Our trainers have history with AIL, so they deliver the essential new agent information with the authority of experience. The trainers provide daily feedback to trainees on eApp practice examples, and they are available after the training session to answer phone calls and emails from trainees. Agency leadership teams have access to view their new agents’ practice work and our trainers’ coaching of their agents. Top Notch Training provides the agency leadership team with reports on their agents’ attendance and practice assignment progress. We are committed to providing the resources your new agents need to succeed.

Automated Online Training

The automated online training program is an online learning system which provides new agent training through a series of pre-recorded videos and quizzes. The content from our original live training program was converted into an asynchronous course, and the online system incorporates interactivity to keep the training process engaging for new agents. The online course features our training workbook which new agents can use as a note taking tool and a post-training reference guide. The training videos feature our live trainer Angie, professional produced visual walkthroughs, and animations. The content is broken down into 10 courses which each contain chapters addressing a key topic. Most chapters end with a short quiz to verify the trainee’ acquired new knowledge from the training video. The online system includes a file vault which houses virtual presentation resources, our training workbook, and agency specific documents. The agency leadership team receives a daily report via email on their new agents’ progress through the course, and the leadership team can interact with their new agents through the online training system. Each agency’s online training system is designed to match that agency’s branding and culture, and agencies can request to incorporate their own training videos and quizzes into their system. We aim to provide online training that is tailored to your agency’s needs.